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this time, i win....

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Monday, November 15th, 2004
11:44 am
4 days till taking back sunday/ atreyu/ funeral for a friend yay:)

lalallalala im bored.


current mood: crazy

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Friday, October 29th, 2004
11:27 am
weeeeee im in study hall right now. everyone in school is dressed up...me and vanessa are fallen angels, wooo and my hair is black today me likes it:)....idk tonight we're going to the movies with everyone......then to the pal park dance thing..
vanessa wants to write so i'll just let her write now...yes

hello peoples =D yeah like ange said me and her are fallen angels ...we look so cool.. ange has her hair black its really pretty and i have a wig on.. and i hate it.. but yeah... SOME people are getting on me and anges nerves *looks over at tittie man* wooo hooo =D ..we are going to open some serious can of whoop ass on this kid .. anyways i am done for now.. and well .. yeah peace out ONE i love ange!

woo ok now ashley is gonna write something

i hate the prostitute soo much..and we all kno who that is. whoa she is soooo a money whore makin slut. she is stupid and i hate her and we all do and that bitch has REAL nerve ...i swear the things she does...ok bye i love ange...oh and danny too o5.25.o3 good bye =D

haha dont ask....gotta love my friends :)

alright goodbye

current mood: artistic

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Thursday, October 14th, 2004
8:32 am
laaaaa so im in school right now in study with ash...
idk what to write im bored....today me, salma and vanny are going shopping for stuff that we need wooo....then probably pal park or something who knows...i never write in this anymore cause i like xanga better...but i do when im bored.laa i have so many bruises from chris...lol but its all good i love him anyways...and not to mention the like 9579267 bruises that brandon and ricky gave me also...but yea i love them too so its ok =D hahaha bleh so fucking bored as a mother fucker.....weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee idk peace out?


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Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
11:21 am

im in school...ashley's next to me..and we are bored. i have not writtin in here for everrrr...lets see, today is our schools pep rally..awsome! no not really

our schools football team fucking sucks exept for some players....

i probably hate you.

k bye

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Thursday, August 26th, 2004
4:05 pm
yeaaaaaa i really dont write in this anymore

whatsupppppp...me and ashley watched the notebook yesterday, lovedlovedlovedloved..her dad had it even though its not out on dvd yet...idk he just had it, and we are gonna watch it again today...cause we're awsome like that

laaaa penis.

i got tickets for the atreyu/ tbs/ funeral for a friend in november =) yay

kk thats all byeeeeeeeeeee

oh oh.....you really piss me off you fucking cunt bag little shit and i think im gonna have to hurt you when i see you kbye<3

current mood: hollerrrrrrrr

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Monday, August 9th, 2004
1:34 pm - Warped Tour.....like whoaaaaaaa
so warped tour fucking ruled....

met underoath :)
met tbs :)
met stroy of the year :)

& got hugs and autographs and pics with them. <3 wweeee

and i watched tbs,story of the year, underoath, silverstein, avenged sevenfold, madison, nfg, matchbook romance, yellowcard, hidden in plain view, play....it was fucking awsome and they all did soo well....i was kinda upset cause i missed thursday play cause of traffic, and the early november cause me & miss molly got destracted and lost track of the time...but i have seen both of them live before so i guess it was alright....i ran into salma for a few mins cause she came with her cousin after NFG's set and i think she like passed out? haha but she was ok so it was all good =) and laaaa....so much happened but im to lazy to write more so im just gonna go...

peace out fuckheads<3

current mood: accomplished

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Friday, August 6th, 2004
1:11 pm

so last night i slept over vanessa's...haha it was so fun, we watched the nightmare before christmas and things and at 12 we lit candles and put them in a peice of bread and stuff cause its her birthday today and that was our form of a cake thinger..yea.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VANESSA!!!! hah so anyways tonight a bunch of people are gonna be going to amandas house to celebrate vanny's b-day and things :)

current mood: laaaa

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Monday, August 2nd, 2004
12:23 pm

so i hung out with  ashley pretty much this whole week, and on saterday night me, ash, and danny watched cabin fever.....wow gayest movie everrrrrrrrrrrrr....it was so fucking stupid...ugh. lol

and yesterday i hung out with vanessa and zack who just came home from vacation..fun times

whooo only 4 more days till warped tour<333


current mood: cynical

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Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
11:52 pm
today was fun, went to the mall and shit with vanessa..

then i out with ashley & ricky...we were sitting on her porch and these 2 huge thunder things came....and it was the loudest thing ever and me ash and ricky were all like screaming and it was so scary...ashley was like "DADDYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!" hahhaha and her dad came out cause he like thought it was a bomb or something lol,it was the funniest shit ever

yea okay bye

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Sunday, July 25th, 2004
5:25 pm

lalalaa so i got my computer fixed...yay

yesterday i hung out with vanessa, chris & joey...it was a fun/interesting time..i wont go into details..hah

hmmmmmmm...taking back sunday's new album is coming out on tuesday :-]  excitingness<3

alright bye.


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Wednesday, July 21st, 2004
9:02 pm

yay go me for fucking up my computer again =/...haha im on my brothers right now but i should be getting it fixed tommorow...

anyways...i got a hampster, its so cute and i named him wiggles<3 my mom thought i was kidding when i told her i was going to the pet store to buy it cause we have pets already & shit...but its all good ;-)...lol

well there's not much else interesting to write..

so thats all..


current mood: gloomy

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Sunday, July 18th, 2004
7:21 pm

hmm havent updated in a while, my birthday was really fun, thanks to all the livejournal people who commented, sweet sweet ;-) lol but anyways....

hmm...friday i went to the mall with ashley, funfun. i wanted to get a hampster but that didnt end up happening, oh well there is always tommorow *winkwink*  me and ash are planning on going to the pet store tommorow

& last night i went to hang out with ricky & i invited ashley to come with us so at first we were just sitting on her porch and talking about the things we all used to do together years ago...and then ricky reminded us about a new store that they just finished making a few blocks away, so we went there & ricky really wanted this weird shredded thing cause he thought the box was cool...so he took all the change out of my bag and got it...and WOW we are never buying that shit again it taisted horribleeeee...haha and we played this game and ashley almost broke the window of the store & it was really funny, then my mom called and said i had to be home by 12 so we walked home and it was really fun, the end

and today...i died vanessas hair, she really likes it and i think it came out really good...the color? pink & purple lol...i rule. well no but bye<3

current mood: tired

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Thursday, July 8th, 2004
1:52 pm

well a lot of things happened this week but i wont bore anyone by going into details..


Its my Birthday today <3

so today should be lots of fun im hoping :-]

I'll probably update more later on..


current mood: excited

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Saturday, July 3rd, 2004
8:22 pm
today as me and vanessa were walking through cliffside park we passed a bar and a drunk man came out and started singing to us....it was soooo fucking funny. wrong turn freaked me out i have a story to tell you. go buy atreyu's new album now. the end

current mood: giggly

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Sunday, June 27th, 2004
10:32 pm

so lets see...

saterday i went to nyc with michelle & vanessa...yay michelle came here from florida to visit me it rocks...but anyways it was raining so much in the city but it was so fun.

sunday i hung out with vanessa and peirced a third hole in my ear and things...funfun

and TODAY: michelles family brought us to nyc and we went to the hard rock cafe which was real cool...and after that her family left us on broadway...but michelle reallly wanted to get her belly peirced..(i did also but thats besides the point)...so we decided to take the subway down to grenich village where they have all the peircing parlors and shit with out her family knowing. so being the idiots we are we did it..and we ended up in the village where they were having a gay pride parade and we had people coming up to us saying we were a really cute couple & shit and we were like...no...haha it was funny tho...and now here comes the part that mad me soooo MAD. this black dude came up to me and michelle and offered to help us get to a peircing place cause his "friend worked there" or something...and to make a long story short he told us all this bullshit...and we ended up giving him all our money...untill i realized...if michelle is the only one getting the peircing today then why the fuck does he need my money...so i was all "dude gimme my money back.." and hes all like dont worry you can trust me...and at this point i thought we were gonna get raped cause he told us to go into some "store" thingy but we didnt go in thankgod..so we ended up walking like 3 blocks with this dude trying to get him to give us back our money and then he was like ok hold on....and he ran into a store and out the other door....I AM SO MAD AT THAT STUPID LITTLE FUCK WHO CONNED US & now we are both broke. i dont trust people in the first place but michelle really wanted it and we got all that way...whatever we are dumb..hahaha

so michelle just left and now im on the fone with wesley.

so peace out people<33 hah

current mood: aggravated

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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004
1:49 pm
lalala im bored...i havent written in this for a while

so lets see...i dyed V's hair half pink..half black...with streaks of blue and blonde...ahah i get my artistic abilities out on her hair. haha it looks cool..and she died my hair a redish color...i like it now, exept i had like really light blonde hair before so i was like whoaaa..but its cool i'll keep it for at least a month before going back

& me and ashley were bored yesterday so we were walking all around fort lee, cliffside and fairview for no reason...funfun..so then we went home and found out many interesting things about someone..er yea lol its real confusing i wont go in detail..anyways


my b*day is coming up soon..yay

that is all.

current mood: okay

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Tuesday, June 15th, 2004
8:48 pm

today was pretty interesting...me & ash went to school at like 8:15 to do finals...they are so annoying. so after school me, salma, vanessa, ashley,and zack went to edgewater and we ended up at the movies. me & vanny didn't have to pay..hah we are so good. it was so hot today its not even funny...so we had to walk home all the way from edgewater to fort lee...i was dying..so zack had to help me walk...but yea he pretty much molested me in the middle of the street...haha it was so funny.. but anywaysssssssss....

yay Hellfest is coming up and ofcoarse.. Warped Tour <33333333 i cant wait.

p.s- the greatest lovers were murderers first <3


current mood: calm

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Tuesday, June 8th, 2004
4:41 pm
school is ending soon. there are a few things/people im gonna miss...but FUCK SCHOOL I HATE IT =D. now...me and vanny made this list of some things we will be doing this summer. so im gonna list some of those for you right here because there is nothing better to do...they're in no particular order btw *clears throat* AHEM.

1. go to lock-in. (some party thing that looks like fun)
2. go to NYC for shopping and possibly peircings..haha
3. mall :) ha how lame but fun..moving on...
4. throw a huge party
5. SHOWS. punk type shows for vanessa..emo type shows for me.
6. hairdying. hah
7. have at least one huge sleepover
8. find a new drummer. *hinthint any drummers reading this* haha
9. stay in a cheap motel for at least 2 nights in a row
10. get random guys to wear eyeliner. eyeliner is sexy<3
11. band promotion
12. make a better band website
13. go to some show in NYC
14. go trick-or-treating..on any random day
15. make a summer movie thinger
16. greyhound bus trip lol
17. go upstate
18. go to the jersey shore
19. scarry movie/pudding night
20. take pics in a graveyard

yes we are pathetic. haha it will be fun though...

current mood: gloomy

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Friday, June 4th, 2004
7:39 pm

i haven't been online a lot this week because my cable modem thinger broke...and dial up is so annoying, but thats why im gonna get it fixed this weekend. hopefully <3

this week pretty much sucked..i was really unhappy like the whole week for reasons that i dont even know...im sure this week will be better though..i hope so anyways..

so anyways today after school i hung out with vanny and cameron for a little while. it was camerons b-day today, so happy b-day again to him =)... but anyways we went to cliffside and saw elizabeth and this guy greg..so we just hung out and it was fun...then salma came and chillaxed with us..

and er yea...thats about it..

current mood: okay

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Sunday, May 30th, 2004
8:27 pm

so lets see...yesterday was fun, vanessa came over and we dyed my hair this time. its just a little lighter blonde more like my natural color. so i wont be dying it for a while..*cough* i think...no i swear i wont. its just fun to experiment...hah and vanessas hair is now half black and half orangish from when i dyed it, but thats how she wanted it and it looks really cool. and then i went to ashleys, and hung out with her and danny till like 12:30 or something, it was funny as always.

so moving on..today i decided to take my dog for a walk cause i was really bored so vanessa said she'd meet me at the park. so we were walking and shit and i saw a little baby bird on the floor..vanessa was all like "eww thats fucking gross dont go near that thing.." (salma had the same reaction when i showed it to her, exept she wanted to throw up) but ofcoarse weird me felt so bad for it..so i brought it home and named it Wiggles. it was the tinyest little thing..soo cute.

but i just found out like 5 minutes ago it died=( at least it passed away in a nice little bowl,instead of the warm sidewalk where someone may have stepped on him. ha well im off to some store with ashley and danny now cause ash needs to get something idk..

R.I.P - wiggles <3
*sigh* i am a loser...

that is all.

current mood: lazy

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